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UN General Assembly

New Zealand urges UN Security Council to abolish veto power

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly called on the UN Security Council to abolish the right of veto for its permanent members, RIA Novosti reports.

The veto must be lifted, the permanent members must fulfill their responsibility for the sake of peace and security, and not to pursue national interests, – says Jacinda Ardern.

In the UN system, the Security Council operates to maintain peace, which includes five permanent members – Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and China.

They are immutable and inviolable, each of them has the right of veto, allowing to block the adoption of any decision.

In addition to them, the UN Security Council includes ten more countries that are elected from each regional group of states for only two years.

It is the resolutions of the Security Council, in contrast to the recommendatory resolutions of the General Assembly, that are binding.