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FUSO Sustains its Position as the Premier Truck Brand

Maintaining its distinguished status, Fuso stands out as New Zealand’s premier truck brand, prolonging its market dominance in 2023 following an impressive track record in 2022.

In 2023, the brand marked 1250 units sold and captured a 20.7% slice of the market share, witnessing a 70% surge in sales for the Fuso Shogun in the segment of heavy-duty trucks.

Fuso Canter, renowned for its unparalleled performance and reliability in the array of truck parts, persisted in leading the light-duty truck sector in 2022. Meanwhile, the eCanter is acclaimed as the preferred EV light truck in New Zealand.

Fuso NZ’s managing director, Kurtis Andrews expressed his gratitude towards the customers, “We are profoundly thankful to our loyal customers and are honored by the sustained confidence invested in our brand and our team.”

He witnessed the steadfast dedication of the remarkable teams at the headquarters and throughout the dealerships nationwide, striving relentlessly to uphold that trust. “Our unwavering commitment and initiatives are testimonials to our enduring presence for our customers daily and for the forthcoming journey. This epitomizes the essence of profound partnerships, resonating with our ethos of ‘we look after our own’.”

Andrews acknowledged the unprecedented challenges encountered in recent years, which were collectively surmounted. He finds immense satisfaction in Fuso’s accomplishments, mirroring the collective triumphs and endeavors of their customers in sustaining the momentum of New Zealand amidst these trials.

“It is our collective journeys and the seamless integration of quality Truck Parts that have contributed to Fuso’s success, allowing us to support our customers in navigating through the challenges and ensuring the continual movement in New Zealand,” concluded Andrews.

With its continuous innovations and commitment to quality, Fuso remains a symbol of reliability and excellence in the trucking industry, reflecting the resilience and success of its customer base in overcoming unprecedented challenges.