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Specifications as follows:.

Haysheds: allow 1 cu m per 5 bales.
Fertisliser bins: allow 0.9 cu m per tonne.
Woolsheds: allow 0.4 sq m per sheep.
Dairy cow yard: allow 0.9 sq m for Jersey cow, 1.1 sq m for Fresiancow.
Feeding platform: allow 0.45 m width per animal
Loafing pad: allow 9 sq m for in-calf cow, 5 sq m for dry stock.
Calf pen: allow 1.1-1.4 sq m per calf (no access to paddock), and 0.46-0.65 sq m per calf (access to sheltered paddock).

Drafting race width: sheep 0.425m cattle allow 3-3.5 m for drafting alley and 0.65 for race.
Sheep yards
: allow 0.46 sq m forlarge sheep, 0.28 sq m for small sheep.
Cattle yards: for holding yard, allow 2 sq m per beast.
Silos: for oats, allow 2.0 cu m per tonne; for barley, allow 1.6 cu m per tonner; for wheat, allow 1.3 cu m per tonner. (Note: commercial firms often allow less because of a compensation factor not used here.)
Starling box: hole no larger than 44 mm; width 100 mm; length 300-380 mm.