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Cigarettes to the ban

The New Zealand authorities have declared war on tobacco: by 2025, the government hopes to make the country completely smoke-free.
To do this, for example, they propose banning cigarette filters – they do not reduce the harm from smoking, but create the illusion of it, thus “reassuring” potential buyers. In addition, tobacco products could be priced as low as possible, have their tobacco content reduced as much as possible, or be sold only in certain outlets, such as pharmacies.

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Each region would be allowed to have a maximum number of tobacco sellers, depending on population density.

But the most innovative idea seems to be one in which tobacco products could be banned from being sold to all young New Zealanders. “For example, if the legislation comes into force on 1 January 2022, it would be illegal for people under 18 at that time or those born after 1 January 2004 to sell smoking tobacco products,” the authorities said in a related document.