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October 22nd
BEEF + LAMB Genetics (BLG) needs to act now to prevent the collapse of New Zealand’s science capability in livestock breeding, say farmers and a former director of AgResearch’s Invermay campus.   “They’ve lost just… over half the science capability a…
October 22nd
THE IMPACT of Russia’s dairy ban on global dairy prices may be waning. The emergence of a ‘grey market’, allowing some Russian allies to buy milk from Europe and re-export it to Russia, is easing downward pressure on prices.    Fonterra director Ian …
October 22nd
IF YOU haven’t already heard of CostCo, chances are you soon will. Two representatives of the giant US wholesale-style retailer visited New Zealand earlier this month looking to forge closer links with beef suppliers.   “We buy millions of pounds of …

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Livestock Prices


Up-to-date prices for bulls, calves, cows, heifers and steers in 27 different grades


All sheep grades including lamb, ewes and mutton as well as wool prices and local trade.


Stags, hinds and velvet and detailed information on velvet grading specifications.


Information and trends for international dairy prices