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February 21st
Mid-Canterbury farmer John Evans is reaping the benefits of native plantings on his farm, in the form of improved pollination and pest control. “I can’t put a number on it, but I am spending less time and less money on spraying for aphids,” he says. Evans…
February 21st
Many people know overuse of fertiliser harms the environment, but that shouldn’t make ‘fertiliser’ a dirty word. Billboards have been used recently to blame fertiliser entirely for destroying New Zealand waterways and soils; they say the nation could farm…
February 21st
Jane Lorimer, president of NZ Beekeeping explains why she opposes the proposed commodity levy on honey. I'm not a ‘naysayer’, rather I’m a committed beekeeper — a responsible business owner, active without pay in beekeeping organisations for many years.&n…

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Up-to-date prices for bulls, calves, cows, heifers and steers in 27 different grades


All sheep grades including lamb, ewes and mutton as well as wool prices and local trade.


Stags, hinds and velvet and detailed information on velvet grading specifications.


Information and trends for international dairy prices