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July 1st
New Zealand retailers are being reminded to clearly label their irradiated tomatoes as the season’s first shipment arrives from Australia this week. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requires anyone selling irradiated produce to clearly label i…
July 1st
The future of TB control in New Zealand is in the hands of farmers and other key stakeholders, with the TB Plan proposal now open for consultation.  Michelle Edge, chief executive of OSPRI, says the proposed changes to the TBfree programme “would hav…
July 1st
A recently introduced premium range of goat feeding equipment from Stallion Plastics should hit the shelves in time for this year’s kid rearing season. With a growing dairy goat milk industry – no doubt driven by intolerances to cow’s milk – the range is …

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Livestock Prices


Up-to-date prices for bulls, calves, cows, heifers and steers in 27 different grades


All sheep grades including lamb, ewes and mutton as well as wool prices and local trade.


Stags, hinds and velvet and detailed information on velvet grading specifications.


Information and trends for international dairy prices