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March 23rd
Making changes to farm management practices, rather than expensive infrastructure, can help reduce greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) are the three main greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxid…
March 23rd
Federated Farmers is calling on the Government to reject most of the raft of new taxes proposed by the Tax Working Group (TWG). Small business would pay the costs, large business would spend thousands avoiding the costs and tax advisors and valuers would …
March 23rd
OPINION: Environmentalists fall into two categories: wizards and prophets. So says Charles Mann, a science journalist and author who has examined the history of environmentalism from the middle of last century. Wizards focus on finding ways to do more wit…

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Livestock Prices


Up-to-date prices for bulls, calves, cows, heifers and steers in 27 different grades


All sheep grades including lamb, ewes and mutton as well as wool prices and local trade.


Stags, hinds and velvet and detailed information on velvet grading specifications.


Information and trends for international dairy prices