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April 21st
Farming is a three-generation family affair for the Haywards of Mt Horrible, near Timaru. The business, run by Geoff and Joy Hayward, is a comprehensive sheep, beef and cropping operation. Their farming operation totals 1700ha across several blocks and a …
April 21st
The Government has a clear message for farmers: ignore climate change at your peril. Consumers worldwide are demanding sustainably produced food and are keen to know how the food that lands on their meal table is produced. They expect farmers to be part o…
April 20th
PM Jacinda Ardern may have many talents, but an understanding of business is clearly not one of them. In an effort to gain ‘street cred’ with the business community over plans by her government to introduce a capital gains tax she claimed she … “had exper…

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Up-to-date prices for bulls, calves, cows, heifers and steers in 27 different grades


All sheep grades including lamb, ewes and mutton as well as wool prices and local trade.


Stags, hinds and velvet and detailed information on velvet grading specifications.


Information and trends for international dairy prices